We create space for new spaces.

The current challenges of urban areas require an integrated approach that simultaneously maximises their economic potential and integrates urban, social and environmental components.

Strategic consultancy in cities and urban planning is the key to the creation and development of new projects.

Urbanistic Due Diligence

Partnerships Development



Urban Licensing Management

Urban Plans and Projects

Our team is specialised in determining the Urbanistic Viability and Licensing/Regularisation Viability. We provide our clients with Urbanistic Due Diligence reports, and prepare action proposals that aim to adopt the best licensing options for urban planning operations and substantially reducing the investment risk, especially during this phase.

We create innovative concepts of urban development, studies and projects in the area of urban planning, managing and developing partnerships with public and private entities, from the preparation and/or monitoring of municipal plans, execution units, equalisation systems, urbanisation and/or construction projects.

In order for our clients to be able to define their investment at an early stage, we develop Occupation/Master Plan Studies, in strict compliance with the legal norms applicable to each case. These enable us to design, together with the client, the future of their real estate assets, always with a view to maximum profitability, both in terms of value and licensing feasibility.

We also develop specialised urban analysis reports focused on an Action Plan, which objectively responds to the potential constructability assumptions of a given property, taking into account the urban/legal constraints for its use, so that the highest and best value is ensured for clients’ investments.

We also develop allotment or building projects, including urbanisation projects, tourism projects or the implementation of logistics, residential, industrial or service parks.

We instruct and monitor all types of Urban Planning procedures with the Town Councils and other public entities, from the Prior Information Request (PIP) phase to the Licensing and Authorisation to Use phase, establishing, from the beginning, a collaborative process with our clients, in order to obtain the best results.

Marta Falcão - Head of Urbanism

Marta Falcão

Head of Urbanism

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