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WMarket Review Year-end 2022-2023

We present the WMarket Review Year-end 2022-2023, a biannual publication that analyzes recent activity in the real estate market in Portugal.

In this edition we considered a particular focus on trends and forecasts for the near future, given the pivotal moment of the sector where different forces are at play simultaneously.

We look towards 2023 based on a qualitative analysis of market opinions shared by 18 highly relevant, sensitive and knowledgeable players. Another addition to this edition.

Now in a definitive and assumed way, we have incorporated an exclusive chapter on Real Estate Sustainability where we address its emergence, the consolidation of sustainability certifications and the regulatory pressure (Taxonomy, CSRD and SFDR).

Take a look at WMarket Review Year-end 2022-2023 and contact us for more insights and data!

Sílvia Dragomir

Head of Research

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