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The retail market has a solid supply of shopping complexes, mainly shopping centres, and so the supply projected for the coming years has focused mainly on the expansion of existing shopping centres and the development of new retail parks. The latter format gained renewed attractiveness after the pandemic period, given that its tenant-mix is made up of more resilient sectors such as food, decoration and electronics.

The high street retail offer has registered a high growth in recent years, as a result of the growing tourist activity in Portugal that has promoted a strong urban rehabilitation of city centres.

Since then, several new international brands have entered the Portuguese market. Even so, national brands and those more focused on restaurants continue to be the ones that have sustained the uptake of retail space.

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0 €/sq.m/m
prime rent - high street in Lisbon 2023
0 €/sq.m/m
prime rent - high street in Porto 2023
0 €/sq.m/m
prime rent - shopping centers 2023
0 €/sq.m/m
prime rent - retail parks 2023

Source: WORX

Silvia Dragomir

Silvia Dragomir

Head of Research

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