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REvolution – An ESG roadmap for Real Estate

Throughout its 25 years of existence, Worx has always sought to grow, evolve and be one step ahead, following market and world trends, to provide the best service to our customers.

The main players in the market, whether they are investors or occupants of office spaces, are increasingly betting on the implementation of measures within the scope of ESG. As such, we could not fail to focus on this topic, listening to our customers to understand where we are, what their opinions and views are and, above all, outlining the way to walk together, in this highly urgent matter.

Since this is such a vast topic, we decided to look at it surgically, taking advantage of our deep know-how of the office market. It was with this objective in mind that we developed the REvolution study – An ESG roadmap for Real Estate, which we are very excited to share with the market, for the valuable outputs it generated and for the examples of good practices already implemented that we make known.

It was with great satisfaction that we saw PwC, CCR Legal and Átomo Capital Partners embrace this project, working as a team to achieve this result. And it was with even greater satisfaction that we received the availability of our customers and partners, who responded to our survey, who granted us interviews, and who participated in our events, sharing their time and knowledge with us. To all of them, my thanks. We believe that this is a topic that interests everyone, and that together we can do more and better, by sharing challenges and solutions.

The market is changing, not only because of the will of occupants and tenants, but because the legislation itself is moving towards forcing companies to become more socially and environmentally responsible. Financial institutions themselves are beginning to look at these issues, with scrutiny already beginning to fall on listed and international companies, with assessments being made based on non-financial information alongside financial information.

Some of the conclusions of our study allow us to confirm what our market experience already told us: more and more, investors are making an ESG assessment in the new acquisitions of real estate assets for investment. These assets are seen as more attractive to tenants, will have higher occupancy rates, will be more efficient, and will have better profitability.

The pressure for more sustainable and efficient office buildings is growing, and it is also up to us to bridge the gap between occupiers and owners to, together, chart the path towards a greener real estate sector. Download the REvolution – An ESG roadmap for Real Estate study and join us on this path.


Pedro Rutkowski – CEO

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